APSkins.com are willfully infringing on our rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq.

Causing Hundreds of thousands in loses, theft of the Intelectual property, and will be liable for statutory damages as high as $150,000 as set forth in Section 504(c)(2) therein.

On December 23, 2016 we filed a patent with the USPTO titled "adhesive protectors for wireless earphones"

Under Application Number 62/438,832

On December 24, 2016 we launched our brand & website Airpod Skin to the public under the domain:



We used our tagline:

"Minimal Stylish protectors for your AirPods"


We start collecting emails from interested customers that learn about us via Facebook ads we run.

On Jan 4th 2017 we made our first sales after a big media announcement and 2 weeks of promotion via Facebook Ads 


On Jan 4th 2017 Adam.D registers APSkins.com

On January 9th 2017 Adam.D placed an order of "Piano Black" from our store:


On Feb 9th Adam.D launches his site and uses our name "Airpod Skins" under the domain APSkins.com

Even though all our Marketing and Website content is protected under Copyright law:

Adam.D proceeds to use our Name, Tagline & Even F.A.Q content to sell his product. 



Here they are using our name and tagline in their packaging 

Here they copied word-for-word our website F.A.Q

Here their amazon listing is using our name & tagline with slight modifications

This is our listing...

Here he promotes a contest to win free products using a copyrighted photo from our instagram account.

That link takes you to their APSkins.com website

Here Adam.D writes an anonymous Review defaming our Product using photos of the product he purchased on january 9th


The public listed address on apskins.com is the same as the one for another business Adam.D owns called stuffhopper.com 

We have documented more instances of copyright infringement from this individual that is hurting our brand and  causing us hundreds of thousands in losses of sales.



The marketing material on his website and online marketplaces is essentially identical to ours and clearly used ours as its basis. He neither asked for nor received permission to use our content as the basis for your product promotion nor to make or distribute copies of it. Therefore, we believe he has willfully infringed in our rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq. and could be liable for statutory damages as set forth in Section 504(c)(2) therein.

On Nov 2017 they launched a new product that is a basic copy of our patented design


Here you can see a side by side after 3 iteration they decided to copy our design